Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council meets five times a year, ordinarily on the second Monday on the month in:


Dates can change though so please keep an eye of the published agenda.

Please note that the legislation which gave town and parish councils powers
to make decisions remotely expired in May 2021 and it was not renewed by the
Government. This means councillors are not allowed to vote on agenda items
by proxy. Councils must be at quorum and councillors must be present at the
council meeting in order to have their vote on any decision making process,
as per pre lockdown times. This applies to all town and parish councils.

May 2022 Minutes

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes (draft)

Annual Parish Council Meeting Minutes (draft)

9 May 2022 Meeting agendas

Annual Parish Meeting agenda

Annual Parish Council Meeting agenda

February 2022 Minutes

February 2022 minutes

Minutes (Nov 2021)

Minutes – Nov 2021

Agenda (Feb 2022)

Please click here for the agenda

Minutes (Sept 2021)

Minutes – Sept 2021

Agenda (Nov 2021)

Please click here for the agenda

Minutes – August 2021

Minutes – August 2021

Minutes (July 2021)

Minutes – July 2021

Agenda (Sept 2021)

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