Women’s Outreach Service

The following correspondence has been received about a new service trying to engage with women in rural areas:

“We are emailing you in regards to a new service which has just been launched, working under the social enterprise of Home Group, the 4women Outreach Service is reaching out to women who live in rural and isolated parts of Norfolk.

We are looking to engage with women on a regular basis and support them into overcoming potential barriers to paid employment.

The Broads and the Wensum & Coastal areas of Norfolk have been proven to be especially isolated for women with intent on returning to employment – this service is determined to overcome barriers for women 18+ who are long-termed unemployed, furthest from the labour market and in rural locations.

We will be providing localised support and activities across the designated areas.  Led by women, for women, we are ambitious in our achievements and for the women accessing new project support.

We have attached our leaflet along with a referral form.”

Referral Form Lift 4women Outreach Service Leaflet 2018 newest version  Referral Form Lift

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