Parish Event!

Message from Clare Morton (Weston), John Parsons (Morton), Trevor smith (Attlebridge) and Ruth Goodall (Weston)

The Hall for All is a great success, and has already had a big effect in bringing the people  of Attlebridge, Morton  and Weston Longville together.    It’s a real and enduring amenity;  but its value is ultimately measured by the way in which it strengthens the communities it serves.

When money became available from the wind turbines, the people who are managing this funding had the idea of investing a part of it more directly in community spirit and bonding. Hence the 3 Parishes Big Party on June 25th.  Poster and timetable attached. It’s a kind of gift to all the residents and their families.  All the residents:  more than anything, it’s to emphasise that community does mean everybody.  It’s not just about people who are busy and active and involved.  It’s not about class (whatever that is), or money, or life-style choices of any kind. It’s everybody.

So this party needs YOU.  Simply knowing; simply being aware and being in touch; simply saying hello to each other;  is a big part of the purpose and value of such an event.   It’s all free, including the food, there’s lots to do, and of course we hope for brilliant weather.  Please spread the word:  Please come and join the party.
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