Green Deal

Broadland and South Norfolk Council are about to promote two initiatives: the Green Deal and a collective switching scheme to help their residents to keep their homes warm and reduce their energy bills. 

Switching energy supplier is complex, is time consuming, makes people worry and is not a popular thing to do. Broadland District Council wants all its residents to act co-operatively and join the Broadland Big Switch and Save campaign.

 The Green Deal is a new kind of loan that will cover the cost of energy saving improvements. It is linked to the property and not the homeowner and repayments are attached to the electricity bill. By improving the energy efficiency of their home the Green Deal is designed to save the homeowner at least as much money as they will save. It is a ‘new way to pay’ for energy efficiency improvements within the home. The initiative provides a finance mechanism that enables residents to improve their homes with no upfront cost.   Through this scheme residents will be offered a free energy assessment of their property. Households then have the opportunity to proceed with a Green Deal package to implement the energy saving measures. Further information can be found at Green Deal 

Broadland would really appreciate your opinions on the scheme to help them get the message right so if you could take 5 minutes to fill out the survey below they would be really grateful. Green Deal Customer Survey revised; Green Deal Collective Switching Customer Survey 

If you have any queries please contact the Broadland and South Norfolk Energy Team on 01603 430627 or email

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